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Meet Tanya Browne

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Sports Physio (NZ) Ltd established 1999. Company Director and Lead Physiotherapist BHScPhysiotherapy (1998) Post Graduate Diploma Sports and Exercise Medicine (with distinction) 2012.

Tanya has over 25 years clinical experience in Private practice physiotherapy. She has a holistic approach to Physiotherapy practice, ensuring accurate diagnosis, evidence informed treatment, individualised approach and effective care for all Musculoskeletal and Sports injuries and presentations. Treatment may include hands on/ manual therapy techniques and Exercise Rehabilitation alongside Patient education in self care, injury prevention and recovery.

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Tanya is focused on helping patients understand their physical injury/ challenge in a holistic way. Current medical science recognises that physical injuries and pain are influenced by multiple factors including mental health, social, lifestyle, occupation and activity specific factors and loading. Holistic Physiotherapy aims to assist you to not just recover from injury or painful conditions, but to prevent recurrence and enjoy an active lifestyle.

My Services

Sports Physio

Providing comprehensive, effective and accurate Physiotherapy assessment and treatment for all clients regardless of age or level of sporting achievement.

Sports Rehabilitation

Sport rehabilitation focuses on understanding, preventing and treating sports and exercise-related injuries and musculoskeletal conditions.


Pilates is an incredible tool for pain relief, injury prevention, rehabilitation, strengthening, flexibility, core, posture, symmetry, muscle balance and performance.

ACC Registered Clinic

Most Sports and musculoskeletal injuries when caused accidentally are covered by ACC insurance legislation in NZ.

Sports Massage

Regular sports massage will speed recovery, condition and prepare muscles, free up stiff joints and tight muscles, help prevent injuries and increase movement, flexibility and joint range of movement.


Find Me Here

218 Parnell Road, Parnell, Auckland, 1052

My Rates

ACC Surcharge

Initial Appointment (60 minutes)

$70 (Full Rate)

$45 (Discounted Rate)

Follow up Appointment (30 minutes)

$45 (Full Rate)

$30 (Discounted Rate)

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Private Fees

Initial Appointment (60 minutes)

$125 (Full Rate)

$90 (Discounted Rate)

Follow up Appointment (30 minutes)

$75 (Full Rate)

$65 (Discounted Rate)

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*Discounted Fees are available to ensure equitable access to Physiotherapy Services. Please enquire if you are a student, beneficiary or have a lower income to access these reduced fees. Affordable fees can be discussed to meet your injury needs.

ACC Coverage

ACC covers injuries sustained following accidental trauma or load, and Claims can be lodged at the clinic by the Physiotherapist. Apply to all services for Non-Accidental injuries, Massage, and Pilates.

Accelerated Care Pathways

Sports Physio (NZ) Ltd is a contracted supplier under the Careway programme. Several injury types and certain conditions are able to be cared for under an Accelerated care pathway, with no ACC surcharge. ACC has identified key injuries that require an Interdisciplinary approach, with typically longer periods of care with higher frequency of Physiotherapy appointments required for full recovery. Examples include: Knee ACL injuries, some Ankle ligament injuries, certain cervical spine, lumbar spine and shoulder injuries. Please enquire if your injury might be covered under this scheme.

Southern Cross Easy Claim

Sports Physio (NZ) Ltd is a contracted supplier under the Southern Cross Easy Claim programme. Just let your physio know if you have a Southern Cross policy covering Physiotherapy and we can invoice your insurer directly.

Other Insurers

We supply high quality Physiotherapy services for all healthcare suppliers. Typically we supply a receipt and you lodge for reimbursement with your Insurer.

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via my phone number: 0274990539

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